Privacy Policy

  1. This privacy policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) sets out and outlines the bases on which any personal data collected by DORNA SPORTS, S.L. (hereinafter, “DORNA”), or that you may provide, will be processed by DORNA. For the purpose of current Regulations, DORNA is considered the data controller and the contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) duly appointed are Privacy Policy is applicable to all DORNA Channels (as defined below).
  2. DORNA is the company owning and managing its own digital platforms and digital business as well as the company owning and managing all digital platforms and/or digital business of the company DORNA WSBK ORGANIZATION S.R.L., with registered offices at Via Luca Gaurico 9/11, 00143 Roma (Italy) and with VAT number IT09251551009.
  3. This Privacy Policy shall apply to DORNA’s processing of your personal data when you enter and use:
    1. The following DORNA’s website, mobile applications, TV apps, connected TV/devices, social media platforms or profiles and/or other digital channels of DORNA (hereinafter collectively referred to as “DORNA Channels”):DORNA ChannelReference URLDorna Corporate™™ eSports™ Predictor™ Fantasy Enel MotoE World Cup Talent Cup Talent Cup Talent Cup Talent Team
    2. And/or DORNA’s collecting and processing of any personal data that third parties, affiliates, partners or service providers may provide to DORNA, through the SSO service (as defined below) or with your specific consent from the following websites, mobile applications, TV apps, connected TV/devices, social media platforms or profiles and/or other digital from DORNA’s partners operating units of business related to DORNA’s competitions and championships (“Partners’ Services”):DORNA’s PARTNERSService – URLPrivacy PolicyPlatinium Group Spain S.LTickets MotoGP™ Group Spain S.LTickets WorldSBK™ S.r.l. and E-Solutions INSITEOUT, S.LeStore MotoGP™ VilaeStore WorldSBK™ VilaeStore WorldSBK™ S.r.l Videogame MotoGP™
  4. SINGLE SIGN ON SERVICE.When a User becomes a registered member of DORNA digital services, a personal, individualized, non-transferable and multiuse ID will be assigned. This personal ID will be managed by DORNA through the service “Single Sign On” service (hereinafter, “SSO”), allowing the User the use and access to all DORNA Channels that have already implemented SSO.The SSO service will provide a profile with a username and a password (hereinafter called, “Credentials”), which will enable the identification of the registered User and will allow the User to manage the privacy preferences and the information provided at the relevant section on DORNA Channels (hereinafter “My Profile” section). Some minimum required information will be deemed mandatory in the registration form. Additionally, the SSO service allows the User to provide complementary information which may be required, in order to provide certain services offered by some of the DORNA Channels, with the aim of easing and simplifying the experience, purchase of products or request of services by the User.Furthermore, the SSO service may be used by the User to register in and use any Partners’ Services (identified in Section 3 above) with the same Credentials, provided that they have already implemented that functionality. User is informed that the use of the SSO service in any of these Partners’ Services is completely voluntary and shall be expressly accepted. There will be no forwarding of personal data to third parties unless the explicit consent is freely given by the User.When the User expressly elects to use the SSO service to complete information, validate its account on and use any of Partners’ Sites, DORNA will act as an external platform, which based on your request and consent, will load your information to Partners’ Sites registration form/process. The aim of SSO Service is to assist you in your registration process in such Partners’ Sites. Only once the User expressly authorizes to use the SSO service and the information that has already been provided to DORNA to be loaded in the co-owned websites or partners’ sites forms, personal data will be shared by DORNA with those third parties. At this point, the User shall finish the registration process by accepting the specific T&Cs and Privacy Policy of the relevant Partners’ Services (a new user profile will be created in these websites), as provided in the relevant Privacy Policies.Additionally, complementary information or data that shall be provided by the User in any registration form or request of service/product of the abovementioned Partners’ Services, beyond the previous information provided to DORNA through the SSO registration form, will be synchronized and loaded in the SSO profile and/or My Profile section.
  5. DORNA shall not be responsible for any privacy policy or data processing of other sites or applications you may visit, including Partners Services or those linked to or advertised on any of the DORNA Channels. DORNA recommends and encourages you to carefully read the privacy policies or statements applicable to these other sites or applications.
  6. According with the provisions of current Regulation, you are informed that the access to the DORNA Channels does not imply the obligation of providing your personal information.Notwithstanding the aforementioned, DORNA informs that certain functionalities of some of the DORNA Channels depend on the use of cookies or similar technologies, regardless of whether you are registered user to the DORNA Channels or not. Accordingly, certain personal information related to your use of DORNA Channels may be processed, unless you have denied the possibility of using such cookies. In this respect, we inform you that we may use cookies on your device, provided that you have given your consent, except in cases in which the cookies are necessary to navigate our DORNA Channels. Should you consent, we will use cookies to enable us to get information about your preferences and customize our DORNA Channels according to your individual interests. You can request more information or modify your consent by accessing and reading the “Cookies Policy” section. If you choose not to accept the use of cookies, certain functionalities of the relevant DORNA Channels will not be available for you or may be restricted.However, the use of certain services available on the DORNA Channels depend on your registration to the DORNA Channels and the completion of personal data forms. Accordingly, if you choose not to provide the relevant data, DORNA will not be able to provide the relevant services or its use may be restricted.
  7. If you do not agree to the terms contained in this Privacy Policy, please do not use DORNA Channels.
  8. You hereby acknowledge that have been informed and agree that, upon your registration to the DORNA Channels, the execution and provision of the services imply the processing by DORNA of the personal data you may provide and also implies the processing of the personal data derived from your use of the DORNA Channels for its technical administration, internal and/or business analytics, the correct management of the services available to and/or requested by you, as well as (where applicable) their invoicing and the prevention of fraud upon their acquisition.
  9. If you decide to validate your account using any external platform (such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or others), DORNA will be informed of the corresponding identification and other data (including your email when consent is given). We also inform you that there is no link between DORNA and these external platforms, so you need to accept their corresponding privacy policy and terms of use once you access them and/or validate their terms and conditions in the procedure of registration. DORNA, as indicated in section 5 above, shall not be responsible for the use or processing of your data that is made outside the strict relationship and provision of services indicated in these policies.
  10. DORNA collects data for the purposes of operating the DORNA Channels, providing different services available on the DORNA Channels. Some of this data are directly provided by you, such as when you create an account and sign up for the DORNA Channels, acquire certain products and/or services from the DORNA Channels or contact DORNA for support. Other data are obtained by DORNA from your activity, use and interactions in the DORNA Channels by way of, but not limited to, cookies or other technologies, or received from third parties. Specifically, DORNA collects and processes:
    1. Information provided by you. Data given by you (i) by filling in different forms contained in the DORNA Channels -i.e. SSO registration, subscription to a service, acquisition of products and/or services, signing up for a competition, participating in a promotion etc.-, (ii) when contacting and/or interacting with DORNA by e-mail, phone, social media profiles, chats or other means -i.e. contacting with customer service, contacting technical support, requesting information, etc.- (iii) when connecting to the DORNA Channels using external platforms or (iv) when answering certain information specifically requested by DORNA -i.e. surveys, customer satisfaction templates, know your customer forms etc.
    2. Information automatically collected by DORNA. DORNA may automatically collect (i) technical information from you, such as but not limited to your internet protocol (IP) address, login details and related information, geographic location of each connection to the services, type of device used to connect to the DORNA Channels, network, time zone settings, operating system, browser information and plug-in types and/or other technical information, as well as (ii) information related to your use of the DORNA Channels, platform or services, such as but not limited to, your journey on the relevant DORNA Channel, URL clickstream to pages or content visited and/or searched or clicks, scrolling and other interaction information that may be available.
    3. Information received from third parties. DORNA may supplement the information it collects with information that DORNA may obtain from certain third partners involved in our operation, related official products/services and/or administering our business (Partners’ Services) in the event you opt to use the SSO service to register to such Partners’ Services and accept their respective privacy policies. In such cases DORNA may receive data from those partners. Additionally, DORNA may collect and process personal data received from third parties, such as but not limited to partners, sponsors or licensees, when such third parties have a contract or agreement in place with the relevant individual(s), either if such individuals are or become registered users to the DORNA Channels or not, which allows the transfer of your personal data to third parties or when an individual may register on third parties services to receive communications from other third parties. DORNA will duly inform such individuals that is has collected and is processing its personal data according and subject to this Privacy Policy. DORNA may combine the information it receives from these third parties with the information DORNA directly collects, in which case we will use and treat it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  11. DORNA may use your personal data for different purposes relying on a lawful basis as required by the current Regulations. As further explained below, the lawful bases we rely on are (a) to fulfil and perform contracts, (b) where we have a legitimate interest, (c) where we obtain your consent and (d) where we have a legal obligation.
    1. In order to be able to fulfil a contract with you, such as but not limited to when you register as a user, subscribe to a service, purchase a product, enter into a competition organized by us or participate in a promotion, DORNA needs and is entitled to process your personal data to effectively provide the services (thus perform the contract) and, when applicable, billing/charging for those services or products. Should you choose not to provide the relevant personal data needed, DORNA may not able to provide the relevant services or products.
    2. For our legitimate interests, provided that such interests are not overridden by your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms. Based on DORNA’s legitimate interest, we may use the information (either provided by you, recorded by DORNA or provided by a third party) for different purposes such as (but not limited to):
      1. Verify and improve the quality of our services, by carrying out quality and satisfaction surveys, analyzing your use of the DORNA Channels, keeping records of the acquisition of products and services, and conducting market search.
      2. In order to satisfy our legitimate interest in controlling the quality of our services and assessing the satisfaction of our customers, DORNA may contact you to request your opinion of the products and services offered and/or acquired and to carry out an analysis of this information. This processing is necessary for DORNA to be able to adapt its operations and the products and services offered to the preferences and expectations of its customers, for which it is key to know their opinion. This processing also contributes to improve the quality of the services provided. You may, in any case, refuse to give your opinion, as well as object to being contacted for this purpose.
      3. To conduct verifications and fraud detection checks. For the protection of our legitimate interest in avoiding anomalous practices that may cause economic and reputational damage to DORNA, your data will be processed to prevent fraud in contracting. This processing is necessary to avoid possible negative economic consequences and possible legal breaches arising from actions of the customers. For this, and in accordance with the internal policies of DORNA, we analyze the activities carried out by you, such as the preexistence of defaults or irregular activities, (through the consultation of files common for the evaluation of the capital and credit solvency or of the common files for the management and prevention of fraud). To avoid any kind of damage or negative consequence for you, the appropriate technical and organizational measures have been adopted to reinforce the confidentiality and security of your information.
      4. To create an individual profile for you (or groups) through the application of statistical techniques and customer segmentation to your personal data, in order to adapt the offer of products and services to your needs and/or the preferences expressed or to your commercial profile.
        To improve the receptivity of the products offered, DORNA will develop a profile based on your personal characteristics (such as sex, age or socioeconomic data) and the information obtained from your actions. This purpose is based on the benefits of making personalized offers to each user, as well as offering you those products or services that are considered to be of your interest considering your profile. Therefore, you will benefit from offers adapted to your preferences and tastes, expressed through your activity or deducted according to the characteristics of your profile, as well to participate in contests, quizzes or prizes draws. The information related to your profile will be processed in a secure and confidential manner, and only in the systems that analyze the information obtained in an automated way. You may, at any time, express that you do not wish to be the subject to this processing, by exercising your right to object to it.
      5. To send information of our events, products and/or services, offers and promotions (such as VideoPass, upcoming events, merchandising discounts, offers, etc.) related to motorsports competitions organized by DORNA, and relating products and services which are similar to those contracted by you. These personal data could be processed by automated means, based on your profile.
        The sending of these communications responds to the legitimate interest of DORNA in promoting its image through commercial communications sent by different means, including electronic ones, about products and services similar to those already contracted by you. In this sense, applicable laws consider this practice lawful. With regard to automated decision-making, you will also have the right to obtain human intervention from DORNA, to express your point of view and to challenge the decisions adopted.You may manage your preferences at any time from “My profile” section which is available for any registered users. You can decide there about the communications you wish to receive (you will have a simple process to unsubscribe in each of the received communications).
      Likewise, you can object, on grounds relating to your particular situation, at any time to processing of personal data concerning you which is based on DORNA’s legitimate interests as established above, as well as request information about the legitimate interest assessment carried out by DORNA, at the contact details of our DPO at
    3. Where we obtain your consent, DORNA may use your profile and contact data to send, even after the contractual relationship has ended, marketing communications in relation to products and services offered by DORNA and its sponsors, partners, service providers or third parties related to DORNA or motorcycling. You can withdraw the consent at any moment from “My profile” section, which is available for any registered user, or by communicating to DORNA at
    4. Where we have a legal obligation imposed by mandatory applicable laws or regulations DORNA shall process your personal data according and subject to the provisions of such laws or regulations, which may include provision of your personal data to law enforcement authorities.
  12. For the purpose of keeping your personal data updated, you shall inform DORNA of any change that may occur with respect to your personal data. Such change of personal data may be updated from “My profile” section, which is accessible to registered users. DORNA reserves the right to carry out the corresponding controls to verify the authenticity of the personal data provided, as a means of avoiding fraudulent use of the services offered on the DORNA Channels.
  13. The protection of children’s privacy is of the utmost importance for DORNA. DORNA Channels are not directed to and the content is not intended for children under sixteen (16) years of age. DORNA recommends that parents and/or guardians of children supervise their children’s activities online and adopt parental control tools on their browsers. DORNA will not knowingly collect and/or process personal data from children.Parents or guardians of children under sixteen (16) who believe that their children have created an account at the DORNA Channels without their permission and that, accordingly, DORNA might have personal data from their children, can contact DORNA at
  14. As long as you do not expressly exercise your right to rectification or to erasure your personal data, it will remain as valid personal data, until such personal data are blocked and subsequently erased according to the internal procedures of DORNA, considering that the personal data are no longer appropriate for the relevant purposes.
  15. In any case, DORNA reserves the right to keep your data (but duly blocked) in case that it is necessary to comply with the obligations and responsibilities imposed by mandatory applicable laws or regulations, or upon request of the corresponding competent authority according to law.
  16. DORNA has adopted technical and organizational measures to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and permanent resilience of every systems and processing services, as well as avoiding alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access to such personal data.
  17. Your personal data may be communicated to or shared with:
    1. DORNA’s necessary service and/or analytics providers (data processors), even when such communication could be the object of an international data transfer to countries located outside the European Economic Area, including countries that do not provide an adequate data protection level, equivalent to European Regulation. In such cases, any legal steps shall be taken in order to guarantee an adequate data protection level.
    2. Any third party that may acquire DORNA’s business assets in the process of a merger, acquisition or assignment, according to article 21 of Spanish Data Protection Law (LOPDGDD) or any other applicable law.
    3. Any law enforcement authorities when DORNA has a legal obligation to communicate or share your personal data.
  18. You are hereby informed that you may exercise your rights, free of charge and when deemed appropriate, as established in the current regulations, in relation to:
    • Object to data processing made by virtue of the legitimate interest of DORNA, including the right to object to decisions based solely on automated data processing.
    • Withdrawal of consent.
    • Access to own personal data.
    • Rectification of inaccurate or incomplete data.
    • Right to erasure of personal data.
    • Obtain the restriction of the processing of his/her data when any of the conditions provided in the data protection regulations is met.
    • Request the portability of his/her personal data.
  19. To exercise any of such rights mentioned in section 18 above, you may: (i) manage your preferences at any time from “My profile” section which is available for any registered users and/or (ii) address to DORNA’s domicile, at Calle Príncipe de Vergara 183, 28002, Madrid (Spain) and/or (iii) may send e-mail to our DPO at DORNA may require that you send a photocopy of a document proving your identity.
  20. If you consider that any of your rights may have been violated, you may file a complaint with the “National Control Authority” regarding the protection of personal data.
  21. This Privacy Policy is under continual review and update to reflect applicable privacy regulations. DORNA may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, it being agreed that any change or update will be posted and available in this section. DORNA reserves the right to amend or change this Privacy Policy at any time. DORNA encourages you to frequently access this section in order to be informed and aware of any changes to the Privacy Policy.

© DORNA, S.L., 2021. All rights reserved.

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